Apple Processing

Prepared at the Cidrerie Verger Léo Boutin

Famille des produits du Verger Léo Boutin

Apples from our orchard are processed here in our facilities in Mont St-Grégoire. At the Cidrerie Verger Léo Boutin, you will find apple products of premium quality. The Cidrerie Verger Léo Boutin is greatly appreciated for its hospitality and for the quality of its products in a country setting.

In addition, all our products are certified “Aliments du Québec.”

Aliments du Québec

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Corporate or personal gifts ideas

What a great idea is it to offer a gift from a local business!

Cidrerie Verger Léo Boutin can prepare different sizes of gifts of his products for any occasion. A combination of products such as apple butter, apple syrup, blackcurrant jelly, ice cider jelly, apple jelly, natural crabapple jelly, plum jelly, apple mustard, natural apple cider vinegar, apple vinaigrette, our Perlée de pommes and, of course, our famous apple ciders.